Trained, Educated, Dedicated

Trained, Educated, Dedicated (or Ted to you) neatly encapsulates our approach to the world of promotional staffing…

Trained – when representing technology companies like Microsoft and ASUS our field teams must be able to articulate layers upon layers of key messages and technical product functionality.  Becoming a believable brand ambassador for products like the Xbox One takes comprehensive training and isn’t for your average promotional person which ultimately informs our recruitment policy…

Educated – as a staffing specialist in the technology and gaming industry, we have a clear profile of the type of promotional staff that are Ted fit.  The staff that make it on to our books are typically degree educated and have a genuine passion for the industry we work in – they’re either up to date on the latest developments in wearable technology or up all night getting to grips with the latest Assassins Creed!

Dedicated – we demand the absolute highest standards from our guys and girls in the field.  The Ted HQ team always go the extra mile for clients and we expect the same from our teams on the front line engaging consumers.  Experiential marketing is both the most influential and risk filled method to promote a brand as it entirely relies on human beings.  We’re hyper conscious of the staff we trust to represent our clients and Ted and only the most dedicated need apply.






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