Experience People – How to choose the best promo staff for your campaign

Experiential marketing is a marketing force to be reckoned with. A unique opportunity to interact with the brand, it provides consumers the chance to have a range of sensory interactions with the product whilst developing a lasting emotional connection. The very premise of it is designed to fuel word of mouth, spreading hype rapidly through networks and spawning secondary and tertiary interactions that influence purchase behaviour.

Here’s where people come in. When the staffing of a campaign is an afterthought, it leaves even the greatest marketing ideas hollow and one dimensional with nothing to breathe life into it. Word of mouth is generated by those eager to share a unique and interesting experience, unequivocally amplified by those who represent the voice of that experience and the personality of the brand.

With just under a decade in the industry I’ve seen an entire spectrum of staffing, from the disinterested bodies mechanically following orders all the way to those who passionately step into the shoes of the brand, educating and positively influencing their audience. I’ve learnt that people buy people, animated, engaging and personable brand ambassadors who readily and enthusiastically embody brand values and key messages.

In my experience, the most important component to any campaign is team selection, and I always take the following into consideration:

Brand Alignment
Do they suit the brand they are representing? Are they appealing to the target audience?
It’s all about Personality!  
Are they energetic and personable? Can they approach and establish rapport with any individual, including others within their team?
Do they have the smarts?
Do they have the nuance to engage with the public, communicating the right messages and to problem solve effectively?
Dedicated to the cause
Are they passionate about the brand they are representing with a natural interest in the product?
Team Cohesion
Will they collaborate and work effectively with those around them? The best teams are those who delegate and adapt their roles to support their colleagues to the benefit.

If you build a team referencing these simple points then it will lead to a much smoother activation as well as a richer consumer experience because you’ve taken the time to appoint the right advocate; they’re the right fit for the brand, match fit for the style of activation and more importantly they enjoy the campaign because they’re working with like-minded people.  Taking a dedicated and diligent approach to the casting will mean less time is invested, whilst the campaign is live.

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